Some residents must soon choose energy supplier

WHEATON – Wheaton residents who are enrolled in the Energy Savings Program will soon have to make a decision about who provides their energy, according to a news release from the City of Wheaton.

The alternate energy supplier program will no longer be supported by the city after a January 2012 deal encouraged residents to consider a program that involved switching their energy supplier to Integrys from former supplier ComEd. The suggested change came after ComEd's rates were set to increase to 5.511 cents per kWh in June through September 2013. By contrast, Integrys will be quoting a rate of 5.49 center per kWh through May 2014, according to City Hall.

For residents currently enrolled, Integrys will be or already has sent a renewal notification listing the option to renew with Integrys, choose a different supplier and notify Integrys not to renew the contract or return to ComEd.

The city will not be making a recommendation regarding which supplier residents should choose. Suppliers are available for review on the Citizen's Utility Board website at or Plug In Illinois’ website at