Willowbrook freshmen tour Illinois State University

VILLA PARK — From April 9 to 11, freshmen from Willowbrook High School participated in the counseling department's Class of 2016 field trip to Illinois State University.

This trip was intended to expose freshmen to a college campus and to educate them about the college application process. This is the second year Willowbrook's counseling department has brought freshmen to tour a college campus.

"Taking students as freshmen exposes them to this post-high school option and provides them with time to work toward attending a four-year college or university as their goal," said Dana Whittaker, Willowbrook guidance counselor.

Over the course of three days, more than 320 freshmen at Willowbrook visited Illinois State University. They heard a presentation from an admissions counselor, went on a walking tour of campus and ate lunch in a dining hall.