Masters day 3 is all about Tiger

AUGUSTA, Ga. – A day that started with controversy, and may live in infamy for some golf aficionados. What will Tiger do? IMHO he should withdraw and DQ himself, the next few hours will tell. Heading off to The National in a few minutes and what happens today will be the main reason that this year’s Masters is remembered.

Following the letter of the law as I see it, Tiger should have been disqualified and the decision of a committee to reduce the penalty is a mystery to me.

Back at the hotel and the circumstances of yesterday now make sense with Tiger still in the tournament. The big question for me, is will his code of ethics allow him to put on another green jacket should he win tomorrow? There is no doubt that he has followed the laws of the game, but has he followed the spirit of the game? Send me an email with your own thoughts. Here is a short version of what happened:

The Masters Committee reviewed the video before Tiger finished and decided no breach. No penalty was given. Tiger was interviewed and commented about giving himself an extra two yards to hit the next shot. At that point in time there was a problem. Further review passed a two shot penalty, and off we went today.

Biggest question: If he was in any doubt, why didn’t he consult a rules official? There are at least two on every hole. And that is my last word on the matter.

Today saw another great pin position on 10 and too many birdies to detail. Most players played the hole really well, and par was probably the average score. The only hiccup I witnessed was one player, Charl Schwartzl, hit his second shot under a bush and tried to play out when taking an unplayable lie penalty would have been the best option. It cost him a triple bogey 7.

Tee shots on 18 were also great, or at least the 16 that I saw were. Tomorrow will see the awarding of another green jacket. Weather is supposed to be good, so bring on the final round and enjoy the broadcast on CBS Sports.

Ian Grant is a PGA teaching professional and a member of the teaching faculty of the PGA of America. He can be contacted at Oak Brook Golf Club 630-990-3032 in the summer and White Pines Golf Dome in Bensenville 630-422-1060 in the winter. You can contact Ian directly at 708-917-8951, or at