COD faculty withdraw endorsement of Flores, say 'reluctant' to do so

GLEN ELLYN — Members of College of DuPage's Friends for Education announced Friday they were reluctantly withdrawing their endorsement of Frank Flores Jr. as a board candidate following the release of sexual harassment allegations against him, according to a news release from the faculty political action committee (PAC).

Flores was fired from the college in December 2010 after reports were filed against him regarding alleged incidents of sexual harassment, according to media reports.

Flores was working as an assistant aquatics manager at the time of the complaints, which included one from a patron who said he had made comments to her such as "I want to taste you" and "I pee'd in the pool," according to a College of DuPage (COD) Police Department report.

The patron had been using the pool since August 2010 and filed the complaint Oct. 30, 2010, according to the report. It is alleged that Flores began making inappropriate comments to the patron in mid-September of that year, the report reads.

According to media reports, another complaint came from a female lifeguard in November 2010, saying Flores had sexually harassed her verbally. Two other students corroborated the lifeguard's claims. One of those students said he also saw "touching," according to media reports.

Friends for Education recommended Flores and Ed Agustin as trustees in what the organization called "a contentious race, marked by unsupported allegations against Flores that may have been improperly released to the media by college staff."

“We are reluctant to do this, and Frank will continue his candidacy, but we cannot allow these untrue allegations and the negative press to damage the credibility of the faculty or our efforts to improve the COD board,” PAC director Chris Goergen said in the release.

In addition to being fired from COD, Flores is ineligible to be rehired, according to media reports.