Letter: Giagnorio the right choice for village president

To the Editor:

It is said one can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps, and in the case of Keith Giagnorio's ever-growing group of supporters, the names read like a "Who's Who of Lombard."

I would like to point out that Keith Giagnorio is the only current village board member and the only candidate for village president whose business has contributed to Lombard's economy for nearly 20 years. His admirers know that it takes a certain skill set, a strong work ethic and personal fortitude to establish and maintain a successful small business. In addition, he is approachable, a good listener and truly devoted to his community.

These qualifications, along with his unique perspective and commitment to "keeping Lombard first" give me every confidence that Keith Giagnorio is our very best choice for village president. I urge fellow residents to vote for him on or before April 9.

Marymae Meyer