Bearing down on bullying

‘Staley Da Bear’ comes to Downers Grove to call out bullies

Staley Da Bear had a message for Highland School students during a visit Monday: Bullying isn’t cool.
The official Chicago Bears mascot spoke during the school’s “Bear Down on Bullies” assembly specifically planned for the beginning of the school year to discuss the issue of bullying.

Staley and his emcee discussed five types of bullies, and proper ways for students to deal with bullying. Staley shares his own experiences with his bully, Fluffy. Staley also presented a player-autographed “Bear Down on Bullies” banner to display within the school.

Principal Judy Kmak said in choosing assemblies last spring for this school year, officials decided to offer something right away to talk about getting along with others and about bullying.

 “The beginning of the year is a critical time; our students are still negotiating play, and we thought, let's look at what it means to be a bully and what it means to be a good friend, early on in the year,” Kmak said. “We want to set them up for success, and this is one additional way we can be proactive, rather than reactive.”