Emerald ash borer still is infesting area trees

Carol Stream, IL

What’s the problem?
While the emerald ash borer has been present in Carol Stream for several years, village officials said the green beetle is beginning to cause big problems for the village’s 4,000 ash trees.

Village Manager Joe Breinig told the village board June 6 the emerald ash borer — an insect that infests ash trees, causing them to lose their leaves and deteriorate noticeably — is killing more trees around town.

“We went through a period of equilibrium where the trees and the livestock weren’t suffering too badly, but particularly this year as trees have leafed out, we’re starting to see a lot of devastation to the ash population,” Breinig said.

He said the village is getting more phone calls from residents who are starting to notice that trees on their property are infested.

The emerald ash borer first was reported in portions of Michigan in 2002 and has since spread to other states.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the beetle can fly at least half a mile from the tree where they emerge and can spread when people move ash trees, logs or firewood into uninfested areas.

What’s next?
In the coming weeks, Breinig said the village is going to develop a removal plan, which he said he hopes to present to the board at its next meeting Mondayehutkin 6/15/11 June 20.

“It’s a serious problem, and we’re going to be coming up with supplemental tree removal to start removing some of the trees,” he said. “We think there are a lot of trees that need to come down.”

Because some residents might have infected trees on their property, Breinig said he’s getting materials together so residents understand what the beetle looks like and how to deal with the problem.

To learn more about the emerald ash borer, visit illinoiseab.com.