Students’ video project wins award, to be aired on C-SPAN


Two students at York Community High School in Elmhurst turned a class assignment into a prestigious award.

Brian Pekron and Lucas Loffredo, both seniors, together were among the 75 winners for C-SPAN’s StudentCam competition.

The students produced a documentary on fuel-efficiency standards and took home an honorable mention and $250 to split.

Brian said winning the award was “awesome” and the prize money was an added bonus.
“Me and (Lucas), we both feel strongly about the environment. I want to be part of the solution,” Brian said. “I’m going to go into some kind of energy field, (such as) nuclear energy or some kind of engineering.”

Brian said filming the documentary as part of their American Government class added fuel to his desire to go into the energy field in college next year.

Ken Dowdy, who taught the advanced-placement American government and politics class, said all of the students had to choose a topic about which they felt strongly.

“All the groups do different topics; they did fuel efficiency,” Dowdy said. “I thought they were doing a real good job. All the groups have to go out and do something. One of the options I gave them was to make a short documentary and submit it to the (C-SPAN) contest.”

Dowdy said the contest received more than 1,000 entries, making Brian and Lucas’ accomplishment very noteworthy.

“I was thrilled (when they won),” Dowdy said. “I thought it was the greatest compliment to what they did. Any time you see a student be recognized, it’s certainly rewarding for teachers.”