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Downers Grove

Letters to the Editor

Downers Grove, IL

High Ogden snow piles makes it difficult to walk
Living in beautiful Downers Grove, my complaint this winter are the hills of snow between some businesses on Ogden Avenue.

I appreciate businesses plowing their driveways, but piling the snow between driveways makes it difficult to walk on the sidewalk; forcing pedestrians to climb a snowhill.

Luckily, in the 1300 block, there’s a small fence to grab onto so that pedestrians have something to hang onto as they climb, preventing a fall. My other choice would be to walk on Ogden Avenue and interfere with automobile traffic.

Charlotte Ulmanis, Downers Grove

Jim Dudas friendly service will be missed in Downers
As I started my car recently in sub-zero temperatures, I sent a silent word of thanks to the man and his crew who made this possible. Jim Dudas operated a service station on Fairview Avenue and Second Street for 24 years and offered superlative service to his many, many customers.

When my husband died, like many widows, I had never pumped gas. Jim told me “we’ll take care of you,” and they did. He and his employees, several of whom are a part of Jim’s family, kept cars on the road through their expertise. No problem was too much for them to solve.

Jim reassured his customers with his confident “It will be fine,” and it was. If he ever found a way to save a customer’s money, he did. If a customer had problems on the road, the tow truck came to the rescue. If someone posed a question, Jim answered patiently, even though he’d answered it many times. Jim never a missed Downers Grove South High football game where his son Rory played on the varsity squad. At his wake Dec. 28, more than 2,000 people waited in line for two to three hours to pay tribute to Jim and to console his family.
Jim will be missed.

Bonnie Kendall, Downers Grove

Forest Preserve examplifies good, sensible government
In light of all the reports regarding the many improprieties occurring in Illinois Government, we believe it is important to assure the people of DuPage County of the continued good management of the Forest Preserve District.

As elected commissioners, we are pleased to advise you that the district is functioning well. Unlike Illinois, we are in financially sound condition, our investments are designed to focus on our long-term vision which will benefit our children and our grandchildren.

We are careful with our expenditures — your money — working on programs in education, preservation and providing recreational opportunities based on a wonderful foundation of open space. We have a number of successful prairie restorations, forest enhancements and are restoring the West Branch of the DuPage River to where it will, someday, be a recreational destination point that few rivers in the Midwest can rival.

We use common sense in preserving threatened and endangered species, while removing aggressive invasive plants that threaten our great DuPage County landscape.

The District has many recreational programs from bicycling to archery. Recently, we developed an unused parking lot into an archery range and provided associated programs for children of all ages.

We have also employed as much of the “green technology” that is available today and will continue to do so in the future.

In reading the daily onslaught of negative information, it is easy to believe that government does not truly represent the majority of our citizens. We set an example of how government should work, by the people and for the people.

We invite you to include in your plans for 2009, some time spent at our preserves and see what government managed in a fair and honest fashion can do.

Dewey Pierotti, president; Marsha Murphy, District 1; Joe Cantore, District 2; Linda Painter, District 3; Mike Formento, District 4; Carl Schultz, District 5; and Roger Kotecki, District 6

President Bush not only bailout plan supporter
In your recent paper I was reading your take on the bailout and golden parachutes.
I think you were spot on for the most part. I thought it was a very well-written column. What I don’t agree with is your statement that the Bush administration was solely responsible for the lack of oversight on the bailout. Last time I checked, the bailout was signed by President Bush only after the U.S. Congress voted for it. That would lead me to believe that there are more hands to be slapped in this bailout debacle than just the outgoing president.

I do agree with your column’s statement that the new Obama administration needs to have better oversight of the bailout money. I would go a step further and say that President Obama should have more oversight on all congressional matters during his tenure. Our Congress has not had the best record as of late and I hope that President Obama holds Congress accountable to the American people. I want to wish everyone peace and happiness in the new year.

Chad D. Walz, FairTax-Community Coordinator

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